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Welcome to my Fanfic Journal~!!!

Want to know my fandom history? Here's my intro~


UPDATED 4/03/2015!!!
You can call me Keiyuki! I've been into lj-world since June 2011. Oh, btw, I'm into HSJ fanfics only and my ichiban is Kei Inoo, second favorite is Daiki Arioka and together they are INODAI! But my love for TakaNoo is back so my third favorite is Yuya Takaki! If you want to add me as your friend, leave a comment that states what name should I call you, your short fandom history and your favorite HSJ members/pairings. Yoroshiku!

Warning #1: Final Chapters and others are Friend-lock now. 'Coz I think no one reads my fics now~ *sulks at a corner*

Warning #2: I don't accept random add anymore so please introduce yourself here first.
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